Night Photography

As we said have earlier, photography is painting using light. Most people would pack up their things when it gets dark, little do they know that it’s the perfect moment to take the photo. When do cities look great in a picture? At night of course. When does the sun look great on a photo? It’s 15 minutes before the sun rises and 15 minutes after the sun sets. The darkness bring a wonderful effect of the golden moment as some photographers refer to it.

night photography

Like any other photo sessions, you need to know your location well before embarking on night photography. Know where the busiest road in the city is and where the best shot can be taken. What are going to be my subjects? Which is the tallest building among others. This will help you save time. It is also good for your safety, have in mind that you are shooting at night. Prepare yourself and equipment in advance too.

Traffic to and from the city of Nairobi during peak evening rush hour.

Traffic to and from the city of Nairobi during peak evening rush hour.

At night, you need to shoot in RAW since it gives you the flexibility to change things such as color and temperature of your photo. Shoot in manual mode to be able to choose the best aperture and shutter speed. Set your aperture at f/16 to have a sharp image in both the foreground and background. In addition, the lighting in your subject will sparkle out well. Use a tripod to avoid even the slightest shakes, if you would hang your bag below your tripod to increase its stability, it would be best. Some cameras have auto timers that you can utilize to avoid touching the camera while pressing the shutter button and result in shakes.