Making the Best of your Vacation and Coming Back with Great Photos

As photographers, we would want for vacations and take our dear ones with us. This is not only an opportunity to spend time with family and dear friends, but also a chance to capture moments. You are always a photographer because every moment is worth having in a photograph. Next time you go for a vacation, remember to carry with your camera. These tips will help you enjoy your vacation while you still take great photos.
It’s important to research the area you are going to. This will prepare you for your journey and at the same time give you enough room to plan your movements. You also need to know the people you expect to meet or any animals or plants you will encounter. As part of planning for your vacation – you will know which areas you want to visit and those that are not that important for you or are too far. I am sure you would not want to spoil your vacation because you had to take photos the whole day. You do not want to miss those moments with friends and family because you went to take a photo.

Have people in your photos. Do not have your fellow tourists, but have the locals. It gives more details and information.


Since you will have your family or friends along, you need to feature them. Be creative to capture the most amazing moments with them rather than them just standing behind landmarks or any unique feature. Remember you will need to tell stories when you get back home and good photos will tell it loud.
Document your vacation. Have some photos of what you saw on the way. The kind of roads you followed. You need details for your vocation and featuring your journey is a key detail. Use your photos to show the weather, the people you met, landscapes and traditions etc.


Be resilient. The vacation may look tiresome due to long travel or unexpected language barrier. Someone may fall sick or the weather may be unfavorable as you never expected. With all this, be resilient and take photos, you may not come back to that place again.


Be flexible. While on vacation, the moment you wanted in your photo might appear at a time you never expected. You need to be flexible and make yourself available for such moments.

Tolerance- It is important to have the local people in your photos. Through your interaction with them, you may encounter some things you do not like due to your religious beliefs among others, you need to be tolerant to such and go on to take those great photos.

Wildlife- look out for wildlife and have them in your photos. Those are the unique details we are talking about.

Alert ghost crab (Ocypode ryderi) on the beach.