Landscape Photography

This is another interesting area of photography. For those who love nature, adventure and taking photos, try this out. You need the right camera settings to give the details. In landscape photography, people want to see what is in the foreground and the background. To achieve this, set your camera so that it can give you the maximum depth of field. Select a narrow aperture of around f16 to f22. Do not forget to use a tripod; blurred image would not look catchy. When capturing moving water, it looks better when it appears silky. You will need a long shutter exposure to achieve that.


Just before going to take those images, you need to know your location well. What are some of the catchy features in your location? Are there moving or still features. Are there mountains, rivers, forests, valleys among others? You will get to your location with a picture in your mind of what you are going to shoot. Once you arrive in your location, take your time and move around. Just staying at one point will not give you the images you need but walking from place to place while taking shots will. Go to the river, lake, at the peak of the mountain, below the valley, everywhere possible. In addition, take several shots of your scenes until you are satisfied you have the right image.


I gaze during your location study you would have known where the sun rises and sets. You need to get out before and during sunrise to take shots and stay away during and after sunset to take those great shots. Always have in mind that photography is painting using light and the sun brings it all. Shots at midday sun with the correct camera settings are also fantastic.