Kenya’s Bread Basket

When the words Kenya’s bread baskets are mentioned, only one thing comes to mind, Agriculture. It accounts to a third of our GDP and half our export revenue. From the tea in Rift Valley and Central region to the sugarcane in Western, Kenya has great agricultural potential. Most of us love tea and take it at least daily during breakfast. If you were travelling to Kericho in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, you will see tea plantations. Something that looks like this picture

Tea plucker at work near Bomet in Kenya

You will see large green fields of tea plantation. Observe the woman picking tea leaves from the plantation in the picture. This is how it all starts before it gets to your table.
Moving on to some areas, you will meet people in their vegetable farms. Vegetables as you know are an important part of our meal. Have a look at the picture below

Journey through Africa_177


We live in the modern world and that means technology at its fullest. Modern Kenyan farmers employ machines in their farming activities. For example, a tractor as seen in the picture above is useful in many things such as ploughing.


Then we have the small scale farmers. Agriculture however small it may be is still an income generating activity to many Kenyan families especially those in the rural set up.

A farmer herds his goats and cows along a road.

A farmer herds his goats and cows along a road.