Shooting Still Life

Still life photography dates back to ancient days when technology was not as sophisticated as it is today. Still, they managed to bring out relatively good photos. Still life photography is taking photos of objects that do not have life and not moving. It’s an interesting area of photography as one has the opportunity to manipulate their subject as they want. Still life is not only fruits but also objects such cups, plates etc.

still life -02

Before shooting still life, ask yourself what kind of story you want to tell. This will help you in choosing the right subjects to shoot. Viewers would not just want normal photos but they want to be engaged. Be creative and imaginative enough to capture the attention of your viewers. Your imagination should also be captured in how you arrange your subjects. Consider the rule of thirds, leading lines and frame within a frame to help you have an artful arrangement with an interesting visual appeal. Add more creativity by having what people would not expect. Have a bitten fruit instead of a normal fresh one. A rusty scissor or broken cup would make your photo look more interesting.

still life-01
Provide an even light to your subject. If unable to do this, you can get your subject outside on natural light and still get good quality light. Professional photographers use a light box or a soft box to achieve this. Take your picture at different angles, have a bird view and also shoot at the level of your subject.

still life -03

Ensure that your background is clear and the only thing within your frame is your subject. Avoid distractions. Use a white board to give you a clear background. The light box or soft box will also help you.