How to Become a Better Wildlife Photographer

You have all things set. Your camera is in good working conditions and has the correct settings. With all that, you may still not get the best wildlife photographs. Here is how to become a better wildlife photographer. Know your subject extremely well. You do not want to get there and find your subject not available or in a condition that you can get attacked.


As a wildlife photographer, lean a lot about your subject behavior, movement and habitat. It’s also important to know about the location. This will enable you capture the best moment of your subject and have a picture nobody has taken before. It will also be useful for your safety and also the animal’s safety. Imagine how the picture would be if you took it at sunrise and sunset, it would bring out more beauty. Some photographers liken photography to painting using light. Use light to your full advantage.


Bring out the environment of your subject by shooting widely. Show the time of day and the weather if possible. Also show us the surrounding. If it was a grazer, we would want to see the grass and shrubs. For finer details, take a close range.

Journey through Africa_002

Your image looks better when your subject has some company. Rather than having just a single subject, bring out more of the same species. This brings out more detail and interaction.


Go for the eye. The eye makes it real. It brings the viewer of the image right into the seen.

Give more content. You are not the first one to photograph your subject and would not be the last. You will want your image to be unique then go an extra mile and look for great and unique experiences of your subject. Compare a picture of a lion sleeping and another of the same lion confronting another. The latter is better; lions are known to be sleeping 20 hours a day while the confrontation happens but in rear instances.Keep shooting. Take as many images as possible and you will get the best shot. Patience. You may not have got the best moment. Nature is unpredictable sometime so you need to be patient until you get your golden moment. Here is more on wildlife photography