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Giraffe Pots on their head Mursi tribal girl Old Hamar man Men of the Kara Kara cool Hamar village children Hamar babies Hamar boy, at the market Girl of the Erbore tribe Go on, smile Golden girl From my tukul Dassenech beauty Ceremonial drinks Body art Beautification Always a burden Cute Dassenech girl Children of the Dassenech Living on the edge Light in her eyes In the shadows Hamar with military cap Hamar boys portraiture Hamar looks Hamar boy Young Hamar tribes girl Young Hamar girl Young Hamar beauty Turmi - Hamar girl Tribal life, a hard life Tribal adornment Small Erbore boy Portrait of a Dassenech boy Posing Suri girls Painted tribal beauty Old Nyangatom man Mursi portrait Makeup Suri style Kara tribes girl beauty Colourful  Curios Colourful  Curios Wire Giraffe Wire Bird Guinea Fowls Boy Herding Woman Herding Woman Carrying Firewood Necks of Steel - Inner Strength