How to sell royalty free photography

Most people think of professional photographers and how they make their money and the first thing that comes to their minds is portrait photos. This isn’t the only way as most make their money through event photography with the most frequent without a doubt being weddings.

Making money through photography doesn’t stop there as there is also stock photography. By just following a few simple guidelines after finding the appropriate stock site to submit your photos to, you can start cashing in on that extra money you may need. They key tools for this, a DSLR camera and the eye for photography.

Rule #1: Get pictures that are marketable.

The reason this is certainly rule number is because it is the most important point to selling stock photography. Think about it. Would you pay money for any basic photo? Probably not. This is true for almost all folks who buy stock photos. You have to think like the buyer.

People who search stock photos are looking for specific concepts. Photos with individuals in business settings generally sell well. Pictures of consumers in successful postures is actually recognizable props can also be very popular. There is one photo which has shown up almost everywhere online. It is an effective picture of a young woman sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and her laptop on them, her hands are raised just as if in victory, and she has a huge smile on her face. If one takes this sort of image and submits it to some stock photography website, they would probably be cashing cheques on a weekly basis.

Other images that sell well are snap shots of landmarks. Recognizable places/ features like Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Taj Mahal in India, Table Mountain in South Africa, the Pyramids in Egypt and any other other such well known places can do very well if your picture is that much different from all the others. Find an effective way to stand out from the crowd.

Rule #2: Grab the keywords right.

It really wouldn’t be possible sell an image if no one can actually see it, regardless of how good it actually is. When people seek out stock photography, they generally type in certain keywords to look for that which suits the specific purpose they want it for. Consequently, when distributing your photos, be sure to have a wide variety of keywords that are connected to your images. The six simple problems of “Who? What? For what reason? When? Where? How?” should help in figuring out the appropriate keywords for your photos.

Rule #3: Zero noise.

Even though you can make lots of revenue with stock photography, competition is surely stiff. Your images must remain technically correct. One of several things that will result in your picture being denied is excessive image noise. Before submitting any pics, make sure to check each photo at 100% magnification or even higher. In most cases when there is a small amount of noise, you may correct it through some image processing software. If this noise is disproportionate, discard the image.

Rule #4: Know the legal disadvantages.

If you are going to submit pictures of men and women whose faces are recognizable, you must have a model release from each one in the snapshot. Stock photography companies are really strict about this specific rule.

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