Ideas to rebrand Africa


Vogue Italia is running a campaign to come up with innovative African solutions as the continent expands rapidly. They mention a few examples of successful and innovative ideas. Africa Knows gets a mention for photojournalism. Check out the article Ideas to rebrand Africa. An excerpt is below.


Is it possible to work and invest in Africa by launching long-term projects that go beyond charity and aid? Is it really possible to create work, jobs and opportunities that can spark off a virtuous cycle, one created not just by charitable projects but by concrete initiatives that harness the history and tradition of the continent’s different countries? And if so, how?


What are the factors that will change our image of Africa, the clichés and stereotyped perceptions, replacing them with a new face for the continent, one that people can believe and invest in?



Just think of Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, which is one of the biggest in the world, or Ushahidi, the grass-roots journalism platform which was created in Kenya and has now spread around the world – “Africa’s gift to Silicon Valley”, as the New York Times has called it. Then there’s Africa Knows, the project that aims to bring together the best of the African photojournalism and writing to tell – from the inside – the diverse history of the continent, as well as INYE, the African response, manufactured in Nigeria, to the iPad.


It’s a revolution where not only film and technology, but also fashion, art and webdesign can be powerful weapons in helping the African continent develop.