Ideas to rebrand Africa


Vogue Italia is running a campaign to come up with innovative African solutions as the continent expands rapidly. They mention a few examples of successful and innovative ideas. Africa Knows gets a mention for photojournalism. Check out the article Ideas to rebrand Africa. An excerpt is below.


Is it possible to work and invest in Africa by launching long-term projects that go beyond charity and aid? Is it really possible to create work, jobs and opportunities that can spark off a virtuous cycle, one created not just by charitable projects but by concrete initiatives that harness the history and tradition of the continent’s different countries? And if so, how?


What are the factors that will change our image of Africa, the clichés and stereotyped perceptions, replacing them with a new face for the continent, one that people can believe and invest in?



Just think of Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, which is one of the biggest in the world, or Ushahidi, the grass-roots journalism platform which was created in Kenya and has now spread around the world – “Africa’s gift to Silicon Valley”, as the New York Times has called it. Then there’s Africa Knows, the project that aims to bring together the best of the African photojournalism and writing to tell – from the inside – the diverse history of the continent, as well as INYE, the African response, manufactured in Nigeria, to the iPad.


It’s a revolution where not only film and technology, but also fashion, art and webdesign can be powerful weapons in helping the African continent develop.


Google Photography Prize

Great art deserves great exposure. Google think so too and are teaming up with  Saatchi Gallery, London, to offer student photographers around the globe a chance to showcase their work on the worldwide stage through the Google Photography Prize .

This will give students around the world a chance to showcase their photos on Google+, as well as have their work exhibited on the world wide stage. If you are a student aged 18 years or older then this contest is for you. You stand the chance to have your work exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London and go on a once-in-a-lifetime photography trip to a destination of your own choice with a professional photography coach.

Google is challenging you to come up with photographs that will make them laugh, cry, listen, hop on a plane, start a conversation, or start a revolution. Process is simple, pick from one of the 10 categories below and submit up to 8 of your best shots;

  • Me : Show  images that best capture you — moments with friends and family, dancing with your dog, or your favorite pair of beat-up sneakers
  • Food: Shots that tantalize — from mouthwatering ingredients to dishes to die for.
  • Travel : Take us there with photos of your travels that give us a sense of place and culture.
  • Fashion : Here’s your chance to stroll the catwalk and reveal your fashion sense.
  • Action : Action takes many forms—whether it’s the raw speed of a racetrack or the gentle ripple of a waterbug on a still pond.
  • Street : Capture the urban vibe with big city boulevards, tree-lined avenues, or the street where you live.
  • Sport : Bring your A game. Show us the passion, excitement, and athleticism of sport.
  • Night : Keep us in the dark or light up the night. Any natural night view is eligible.
  • Sound/Silence : What does sound look like? Can you show us in a photo?
  • Point of View: Document what is happening now – from protests to celebrations.

The Contest begins at 08:00:00 A.M. Pacific Time (PT) Zone in the United States on 10 November 2011 and ends at 11:59:59 P.M. PT on January 31, 2012

For more information about the competition, visit the Google Photography Prize webpage

11Eleven Project

Most of us on Fridays are usually planning for a night out at the movies, partying or some just want a quiet evening indoors. On unique dates though, wherever we are, we always log into our social media accounts and share our experiences. 11/11/11 will be no different…well not quite. This year, the 11Eleven project will be happening and it has been dubbed ”A day in the life of the World” for charity purposes. We at Africa Knows are giving our support to the 11Eleven Project and are rallying to have our friends participate in it. Here is a brief of what the project is about.

 On 11/11/11, humanity will be invited to participate in the largest collaborative storytelling event in human history. On this auspicious day, anyone in the world who has access to any recording device will be asked to capture their lives through film, photography, music, sound and text. It’s quintessentially “a day in the life of the world” told by the people of earth.

Post the date, participants will submit their creations to the 11Eleven Project team, who will then filter and curate the work and turn it into a few different projects, including a book series, world music collection and a documentary film. The narrative of the project will be guided by 11 key topics given to participants to inspire their creativity. These topics are:

  • Faith
  • Beginnings
  • Heart Break
  • Make a Wish
  • Darkness
  • Beauty
  • Routine
  • Water
  • Courage
  • Play

The last component to be released will be the feature-length documentary film. It will be
screened on the 21st September 2012 – International Day of Peace. The film will be made available to all people – for free – and will be shown in public spaces such as universities, urban screens, town halls and community spaces.

All the profits raised from the project will go to supporting charities aligned with the United
Nations Millennium Development Goals – these charities include the World Wildlife Fund, The Hunger Project, Save The Children and Global Voices. Currently the 11Eleven Project is available in multiple languages, with traction in 119 countries and holds partnerships with 131 universities. The entire project is being run through volunteer passion, bringing people from all walks of life together, to unite the world on 11/11/11.

A major objective of the project is to raise significant amounts of money and awareness for some of the greatest problems currently facing humanity. These include hunger, environmental sustainability, gender equality, poverty, education and maternal health. The 11Eleven Project is an artistic venture that aims to explore our di erences and recognise our similarities.

Its purpose is to bring individuals together, lift man made boundaries, shatter misconceptions and open a universal narrative that brings about positive communication and pro active engagement between all people.

For a PDF download of the brief:11_onepage

Here are 11 easy steps in PDF format to make the project a smooth process: 11 steps to the 11Eleven Project

Visit the 11Eleven Project website for more information.